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Wedding Photography Prices

Your love, is our Canvas

  • The wedding is an experience that you want to remember. We have the honor to accompany you on your special day that is unique for everyone. Therefore, it is a matter of the heart for us to capture those emotional moments shared with each other, friends and families and create images that will make your special day last a lifetime.
  • In each package you get: Your pictures will be edited in different styles by me. In addition to your color photos you get black and white, vintage, sepia or other styles. So you get more variety in your picture series and your pictures become more expressive!
  • All photos are edited without skin optimization - this is possible for an
    additional charge.
  • The price includes: personal preliminary talk, location check (if necessary).
  • The packages includes your images as a file data - jpegs.
  • Each assignment must be done in one piece without interruption, or the dates/time can be split with an additional charge.
  • You can choose a prize for one or two photographers, why two? Because two is always better than one! This gives you more photos, more perspectives, more coverage of your wedding because two photographers cover more of your wedding space and location than one. You also get two creative people who see differently but work together, creating harmony in the overall work. In addition, two photographers work more efficiently and quickly for wedding couple photography.

    Wedding photography 4 hrs.

    • Two photographers you get 450+ images
    • Two photographers costs 1390.- Euro
    • One photographer you get 300+ pictures
    • One photographer costs 1090,- Euro
      Prices incl. VAT.

      Wedding photography 6 hrs.

      • Two photographers you get 650+ images
      • Two photographers costs 1790.- Euro
      • One photographer you get 450+ pictures
      • One photographer costs 1390.- Euro
        Prices incl. VAT.

        Wedding photography 8 hrs.

        • Two photographers you get 900+ images
        • Two photographers costs 2190.- Euro
        • One photographer you get 600+ images
        • One photographer costs 1690.- Euro
          Prices incl. VAT.

          Wedding photography 10 hrs.

          • Two photographers you get 1150+ images
          • Two photographers costs 2590.- Euro
          • One photographer you get 750+ images
          • One photographer costs 1990.- Euro
            Prices incl. VAT.

            Additional services

            • Design of photo books, invitation cards, thank you cards, etc.
            • High quality photo prints on various papers, canvas, etc.
            • Photobooth
              Please call us

              Xtra costs

              • Date/Time splitting: 150.- Euro
              • For trips over 50 km I charge 0.70 Euro per km
              • Beauty optimization: 10-15.- Euro per picture
                Preise inkl. Ust

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