Mirozo art photography photographed on Gozo, Malta for exhibition
Reflectionism art photography photographed in Germany using reflection from train windows to create and inner and out world
A part of a collection for exhibition called Koh Horizons
Mirozo art photography for which I won first prize for photography at the Maltese 105 Country Benniale
Art photography Reflectionism with a very Victorian look in the reflection of the two ladies whispering
Art photography photographed on Koh Lanta at 2am that plays with the distant lights of the boats to draw pictures
Mirozo art photography photographed in Victoria Gozo with the mirror reflecting the road to the Citerdella
Reflectionism art photography, image Sweet Emotion, was on exhibition in Darmstadt, Deutschland and Paris France
A photo from the collection Koh Horizons photographed as art photography on Koh Lanta
Mirozo art photography, this photo is exhibited in a Gallery with Piccaso, Matisse, and Monet
Reflectionism, an art photography photo that has a Dali touch with the swimming figure form on the outside of the window with several faces reflected in the window
An art photo photographed on Koh Lanta Thailand that plays with light and movement to evoke emotion