Fashion, portrait, produkt, photography, model high contrast red, Wiesbaden, Germany
Fashion photography contrsting whites and blacks in Wiesbaden Deutschland
Family  photography, child portrait, group, bensheim, bergstrasse
Reportage Portrait, Event, photography, Gozo, Malta
Photography, Fashion, Model, photographer, photoshoot, Wiesbaden, Germany
Male semi-nude photography photographed in Bensheim Deutschland
Fashion advertising photographed in a 50's cinema on the Bergstrasse in Germany
Reportage Portrait photography, photographer, Gozo, Malta
Photography, Fashion, Model, metal corsage, photoshoot, Wiesbaden Germany
Bedroom erotic portrait with lots of whites
Group portrait with humour using a wide open aperature creating a wonderful depth of field
photography, photographer, Prickly Pear Jewelry, Fashion, Jewelry, photoshoot, Gozo, Malta
photography, photographer, Reportage, Portrait, photoshoot, Gozo, Malta
Fashion portrait using natural lighting outdoors in Wiesbaden Germany
Familiefotografie in studio, Rembrandtlicht, Bensheim, Deutschland
Fashion portrait using a graffiti background that blends and contrasts with the models colours
A vintage styled portrait using two strobes to minimize strong shadows
Dessous portrait photography photographed in Bad Homburg Deutschland