A Big Heart of LOvE photographed in Weiterstadt, Darmstadt
An African wedding ceremony ritual, Offenbach am Main, Germany
The bride and groom's kiss in Herrengarten, Darmstadt, Germany
The wedding couple having fun with the photoshoot, Mühltal, Germany
The touch and feel of love, wedding, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The Bride and Groom dancin in LOvE, Offenbach am Main, Germany
all smiles exiting the wedding ceremony, Wolfskehlen, Germany
Bride and Groom in Herrengarten, Darmstadt
The groom Socializing at the wedding party in Biesbesheim, Germany
A group photo of the Bride and her girls, Offenbach am Main, Germany
Wedding photography, The Bride and Groom posing with a 70's Beetle. Foto treatment 70's Vogue
Frame fun at the wedding party, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Danicing at Auerbacher Schloss, Auerbach Bensheim, Deutschland
The Groom posing in front of the Datterich-Express, Darmstadt
The Wedding bouquet with the Bride in the background, Dieburg, Germany
The wedding couple framed by the church wood lattice, Wolfkehlen
The Bride and Groom with Family, Weiterstadt, Darmstadt
Happily getting married, Offenbach, Germany
The bride and groom exchanging rings of love and commitment
Exiting the wedding ceremony all smiles, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The wedding couple framed my a flower heart, Obernburg am Main, Germany
A group photo at the wedding party in Mühltal Darmstadt
The happy couple photographed through a window with reflections, Darmstadt, Germany
Wedding Photography, The couple's wedding ceremony, Offenbach, Germany
A small child watching the wedding, Wolfskehlen, Germany
Wedding couple photography, Mühltal, Deutschland
Photography of the wedding couple, Obernburg am Main, Germany
The Bride and her reflection in the window, Wolfskehlen, Germany
Dancing at the wedding celebration, Offenbach am Main, Germany